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I’m Omar Francisco and I’m studying Computer Science at University of Talca in Chile, This is my blog about my current interests such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Entrepreneurship, Cognitive Sciences, Languages, and much more.


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Engineering your own life

That may sounds pretentious but is something very common that we do everyday when we make our conscious and unconscious decisions. It is something that is also made by ours parents, culture and social networks. Everyone is saying what you should do, but there is a time that you can decide for yourself what you want to be in the future. There are so many limits in our society such as money, time and shame that prevent us for being what we really want to do. But the problem does not starts just here. Even if you are sufficiently brave to defy all the odds, you are going to be in trouble for a long time deciding what you really want to do with your life. In my own case, it was very complicated to start to study something. At first, it was because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life. I was doing lots of readings and doing some music, something that I do from a long time ago. I thought I wanted to be a sound engineer but after a brief time working in the industry, I realized that music by itself was not sufficient enough for fulfilling my inquiring mind. A long time has passed since then, and I’m here now, studying Computer science, a field sufficiently broad to work in any place that you may want. So, the problems with engineering your own life or your future, I mean in terms of professional and personal life are very interesting.
I discover that is very inspiring and motivating for me to achieve goals. It was a huge change in my life. I was struggling for a long time with, as I like to say: perfectionism paralysis. Since then, I was trying in some way to have S.M.A.R.T. goals instead fluffy goals and it has worked pretty well. One of the very first things that I did, was create a list of interests. At first, it was very long, but after some refining, I realized that Data science, Cognitive science and Environment were the fields that I like the most. So, I started to work in which skills I needed to develop to work in those fields. Get a degree in computer science is the first step. It is very hard to study hard subjects after a five years gap, but I’m very inspired for Khan Academy’s last campaign, You Can Learn Anything. This is what I’m doing, pushing myself, failing and keep going. This is learning. I’m engineering my own life. What about yours?1

    English is my second language and I’m still learning. If you have any problems reading my text, please let me know in order to improve my writing skills. I will be very thankful for your feedback.